Small Groups

God did not create us to live life alone. In fact, God said that it’s “not good” for us to be alone. We were made to do life with God and with other people. We believe that small groups within the larger church body are the best way for us to intentionally connect to God and other people and bring about life-change that God desires for everyone of his children. Here at The Vine we meet in each other's homes, eat a meal together and devote ourselves to the apostles teachings. (Acts 2:42-47) It's all about growing spiritually and growing close to one another! Each of us needs to grow closer to God and also closer to one another. We believe that happens when we are a part of smaller groups within the church. If you have questions or want to join a group, please fill out our "Connect With Us" form under our "About Us" tab to get connected, and start growing today!

Small Group Schedules

Weekly Groups


6:00PM - Weekly (Led by Kyle Strauser)

Host - @ The Vine Church

Pith-in Meal - No Childcare


5:30PM - Weekly (Led by Tyler Davis)

Host - Rudy & Samantha Pesich (Ladoga)

Pitch-in Meal - Childcare Provided


6:00PM - Weekly (Led by Ray Gephart)

Host - Adam & Patricia Skelton (South of Crawfordsville)

Pitch-in Meal - Childcare Provided


5:00PM - Weekly (Led by Phil Burkhardt)

Host - Bill Parr - Historic Whitlock Place (Crawfordsville)

Snacks Provided - No Childcare

Monthly Groups

Saturday Morning (Men)

Men's Breakfast & Small Group

8:00AM - 2nd Saturday of every Month (Led by Phil Burkhardt)

Host - @ The Vine Church

Breakfast Provided - No Childcare

Monday Evening (Women)

Women of Action Small Group

5:30PM - 1st Monday of every Month (Led by Suzi Gephart)

Host - @ The Vine Church

Pitch-in Meal - No Childcare